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June 20, 2007 Front Page

Shell Heller
Shell Heller is a U.K poet who writes about constant recovery of the heart from impossible situations. Her works also include poetry about animal welfare & rescue, reincarnation and the spirit. Shell's most recent publication is 'Solo Songs', and as she says it so well, "there is only One song...and we are all part of it...uniquely and collectively so. I have been through the same kinds of experiences as everyone else. My journey to and from and then back to Love is surely what Life is about. At one time I believed that the scars left on my mind by dark times were indelible proof that I was a tainted soul. I lost any sense of my true self and became a victim of every circumstance. Then the Universe showed me this was not the truth of it at all and I began to write. The poems in this book you are holding now were created from the aftermath, some from the afterglow, usually arriving on the wings of another sleepless night. I have learned that every event contains a blessing and that emotional scars are signs of healing, not of damage. I honour this understanding by reaching into the essence of experience to find the beauty and the blessing in every soul event. The results are often surprising. There is only One song... and we are all part of it"

featured poem


Inches from the sterile charnel heap lodged
in crowded suitcase tombs beneath my bed,
I half-slept beside you.
Inches from your heart.
Time beat a worried path through bone,
Yet sometimes, in your arms, I felt almost loved.

By day the waxen femur in my hand left yellow
stains - death reduced to pollen in my palm.
I studied grains and lines,
breathed warm on them
as if life’s echo might recall a memory,
a moment when another’s hand touched thigh.

With sorrow’s heavy headed resting on soft ribs
I wondered how alike were bones and blood,
hollow vessels drifting
in slow dreaming marrow,
and I, sad daughter, mourning relics of a
time when it was your turn to feel almost loved.

by Shell Keller

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