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October 2008 page 4

Two Poems by DubbleX

DubbleX has been writing his entire life and playing music. His artistry helps keep him sane. DubbleX teaches special education students in public schools.

by DubbleX

the life he hears but can not see
as he
lays dying
he hears the sounds of life below
the sounds of love and dancing rhythms
cozily oozing their way through his walls
they torture him in his quiet tomb
he wishes to decay
in his quiet lonely cave
but sounds of laughter and love batter his bitterness and beseech him in his brooding
depressing him deeper into his downfall of disappearing
he’s dying every day
while I am living in 5k

by DubbleX

I start my dark decent
fleeing from sunlight
running from the moon.
I spiral downward into the gray and black abyss
I see huddled masses clad in sadness
Silently awaiting a trains arrival
A huddled mass of transit worshipers
Slaves to her bone crashing steel
Sometimes she grows hungrier
and long time worshipers are fed to her bloody rails
she crushes her victims daily
Engulfing them with her hot dirty breath
Her open mouth, she eats New Yorkers,
swallows rush hour whole
then alas skyward as a surfacing whale
Excretes them through her many orifices
she holds them captive in her darkness
hushing their voices with her vociferous cries
Snaps her silver jaws at her prisoners’ backsides
Daily her faithful pay gladly for more abuse
Offering no more affection than being
Smothered in each others morning stench
She waits silently hungrily
for her preys’ return to jostle their senses
She runs when it pleases and never slumbers
she guides the blind in her steeped darkness
Then when she chooses to sleep
Her prisoners beg for mercy
Enslave and offer themselves to her once again
She receives and swallows them whole

One Poem by Judy Leftow

“Poet Laureate” of Washington Heights, Joy Leftow is a double alumna at Columbia University and has her second Masters from CCNY in Creative Writing. Joy’s style is - in your face reality. When Joy is not busy doing people & cat rescues, she meets her muse & reflects on relationships with more sarcasm than you’d get in an entire season of Seinfeld.

by Joy Leftow

Pieces of myself dropping like raindrops
I watch the raindrops of myself
Drip down my big legs
To the ground – that space inside myself
Where I fall into the abyss
I’ve always been bad
I need a hand
Hand me some crazy glue to hold together the pieces of my life
Pieces of me falling by the way side as I make a move on living
That me that is so bad
That me that seizes the night rain in my fist
… I take a fast train
I should take the next plane instead; it’s faster
And I like speeding I have my tickets to prove it
You can look up my record on the computer

I’ve always been bad
the kind of bad that makes you feel uncomfortable
Makes you look at others around you to see if they see what you see when you look at me
I’m the kind of bad that makes others be afraid to hear my bad
The kind of bad that makes you itch with discomfort
when people hear my name they twinge with disgust
I’ve always been bad
I’m the one who smoked cigarettes at 11 years old
Kicking it on the corner with my bf and got busted for it
I’m the one who at 14 knocked on the hippies’ door
Up in the hood when they were the first ones who moved in
And just happened to have a door at the street level
No one else would knock since none of us had met any of them before
But I wanted to knock on their door and chill
I hung out in bars with them where I chilled and danced all night
And sometimes sneaked a sip of alcohol

I’m that bad girl who left one man for another
Left a man in the lurch when she’d had enough
Of the stuff to make you crazy, who’s fault is it he became lazy
It’s all hazy now, right or wrong we make choices, we all try, we live and die

I’ve always been bad
I’m that bad girl who started smoking blunts down in the park on a bench at sunset
kickin’ it back and staring into nature, getting my marijuana giggles
and passing them on to all the people I turned on
I’m that bad girl who found some people to laugh with me while others turned up their noses
And complained about how I jumped right into dialogue without even saying hi first
I can’t tell you much more about it except to reiterate
I’ve always been bad
I can’t help it…
That’s the way it’s always been

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